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Conversations With John Keats On Hampstead Heath, 2011

I Stood Tiptoe Upon A Little Hill, 2011

The Thousand Melancholies and Magnificences, 2011

Thunder And Lightning, Pine and Salt, 2011

The Penetralium Of Mystery, 2011

Anatomy of Melancholy, 2011

Here Lies One Whose Name Was Writ In Water, 2011

The World of Being And The World Of Becoming, 2011

Why Did I Laugh Tonight? 2011

Night Fishing On Hampstead Heath, 2011

Of Two Wonderful Languages and Their Mysterious Power, 2010

The Eternal Sameness Of Things, 2010

The Dream of Reason, 2010

O Starshine On The Fields of Long Ago, 2010

The Fleeting Transitory Memory, 2010

Storm at Los Pinos Verdes, 2010

Skeleton Lightening, 2010

There’s A Hole In Reality Through Which We Can Look If We Wish, 2010

Big Sur, Wood Smoke, At The End Of The Day Looking Back, 2010

Whoever You Are, No Matter How Lonely, 2010

A Total Stranger One Black Day, 2010

Volcano, Lava, Fire, And Ash, 2009

(They Called it Passchendeale), 2009

A Mystic As Soldier, 2009

Anima Mundi , 2008

I Saw God In Twilight Once, 2006

Song of Experience, 2008

Fog Horns and Search Lights, 2008

A Tender Invocation Of Sorrow , 2008

The Weight of Regret, 2008

Gold Moon Rising, 2008, watercolor on cardboard

A Very Long Journey Alone, 2007

But Now Of All The World I Love The Best, 2007

Lost One Night, 2006

Untitled, 2006

Indigo and Moonlight, 2006

In A Far-Off Land, 2006